November 2017: V&VN Symposium

In November 2017, Meducom developed and supported a 3-hour interactive symposium for oncology nurses and nurse practitioners on the topic of Hand-Foot-Syndrome during the 36th ‘Oncologiedagen’ (translated: Oncology days). Hand-Foot-Syndrome is an often occurring side effect of many drugs used in oncology and can be severely debilitating if recognized late and left untreated.  While rotating through four different workshops, each moderated by experienced clinicians in the field and each addressing key elements and perspectives, almost 200 nurses and nurse practitioners learned more on this topic in a highly interactive, innovative and game-like environment. Apart from the opportunity of discussing everyday issues surrounding the disease with the experts, the participants also had the opportunity to get first-hand patient experience from a patient who was present at the meeting and who shared his personal experience with the participants.   



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